Getting emails about redesign when you just did one?

May 31, 2017 | News & Tips

by Shauna Millar

There are lots of companies out there trying to make money by sending out spam marketing emails. They collect web-site addresses or just send emails to “webmaster@” in the hopes that someone will respond to their email in a positive. Global “spam” e-marketing seems to be the latest and greatest thing. The truth is, there is nothing new about it, just the way that it is done.

It used to be that people would harvest your email from your site to send you e-spam. This still happens to some extent, but with every measure there is a counter-measure. So when “bots” started to “harvest,” people changed how or what email address would appear. Then came contact forms that would forward information to you. So, bots were taught how to fill out those forms. Now we have ‘captcha’ –  a crazy little thing that tries to make sure you are “human” when filling in the form. There are also spam catchers that block “known” spam IP addresses.

Unfortunately, nothing is fool-proof. Now, people are hired to fill in the contact forms instead of bots. What this means, is that you still will end up getting a “your website needs a redesign to help with your SEO” email, when you just had it redesigned.

If something isn’t working out on your website, instead of going to an unknown source, contact your web-designer to discuss ways to improve your rankings. Keep an open dialog of your goals so they can be adjusted accordingly. Remember that top rankings don’t happen overnight. It might take several months for you to get to the position you want. Also remember that generic terms may not get you to where you want to be at all.

Advertising is your friend: Put your website address on all your literature so it makes it easier for customers to find you. If you are just developing a site, get a domain name that is easy to remember.



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